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So Wrong

God Killed Trayvon Martin, George Zimmerman Tells Hannity

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Just Plain Funny

Crazy Dude Attacks Women With Sword, Peanut Butter Sandwich

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Sex & Crime

Sheriff: Drunk Man Couldn’t Take Kitten Into Strip Club Repeatedly Called 911

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Just Plain Funny

Drunk woman calls 911 to say she was lost in woods, did not know where to urinate

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Sex & Crime

Daytona Beach restaurant employee holds burglar at bay with sword

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Just Plain Funny

Woman sees image of Jesus in power meter

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Sex & Crime

Police: Woman hid urine-filled bottle in vagina to beat drug test; still fails

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Just Plain Funny

This 14-Year-Old Girl Just Bought A House In Florida

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Girl’s Address Is ‘Eat Ass’?

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So Wrong

Woman Torched Ancient Cypress to Better See Drugs

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Just Plain Funny

‘Laeping to Literacy Night’ sign has Florida school officials red in the face

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Sex & Crime

Police Find Crack In Suspect’s Butt

Punchlines: 2...What's Yours?         Source: Huffington Post

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