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Professor attends conference

Punchlines: 1...What's Yours?         Source: Salisbury Post

Headline Errors

With a Why No Closer, Two Boys, 6, and Two Burials

Punchlines: 2...What's Yours?         Source: New York Times

Headline Errors

Disable Association of Verterans “internal problems” halt bingo

Punchlines: 2...What's Yours?         Source: Lufkin News

Headline Errors

It’s In the Baghdad!

Punchlines: 1...What's Yours?         Source: Fox Sports

Headline Errors

A Pubic Ready to Act on Genocide, Syria

Punchlines: 1...What's Yours?         Source: Huffington Post

Headline Errors

BREAKING: Police say Kensington shooting suspect suspect Philip Gilberti shit and killed himself.

Punchlines: 3...What's Yours?         Source: ABC 7 News

Headline Errors

Iran urged to hold off attack on Iran

Punchlines: 3...What's Yours?         Source: Akron Beacon Journal

Headline Errors

(PHOTO) Romney Halts Presidential Campaign

Punchlines: 3...What's Yours?         Source: Washington Post (via SciDoll)

Headline Errors

Diana was Still Alive Hours Before She Died

Punchlines: 2...What's Yours?         Source: Some Tabloid

Headline Errors

Best New York Times mis-caption ever

Punchlines: 4...What's Yours?         Source: NYT

Headline Errors

Farm Bureau estimates crap damage at $207 million from Missouri River flooding

Punchlines: 3...What's Yours?         Source: DC101

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